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We transform green ideas and dreams into ecological realities for a better world, where we all work hand in hand in positive actions for our planet.


Km2 to care for and repair ecological damage




Ecological and Environmental Education Programs


planet to protect

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We have designed each of our programs as a tailored t-shirt for the ecological needs of the areas where we work, where we primarily address realistic solutions to the Sustainable Development goals (SDG 3,5,,17) that they have to do  with health and well-being, clean water, affordable energy, sustainable cities, climate action, life of terrestrial ecosystems and alliances to achieve the goals


We invite you to find out what our mission, objectives, values are, discover the meaning of our Logo in who we are and who makes up our work team


Our Foundation is a non-profit civil association that works to rescue the ecosystems that surround us through concrete, realistic actions and awareness of the population through environmental education so that each one of us we can live in balance with our planet and  be able to enjoy  the natural resources we have.

Mother Earth needs us, that is why we exist and our existence depends on each one of you as independent citizens, companies or associations that are concerned about the imminent future, about the conservation of species, about climate change, about the rescue of traditions and a story that generates love and attachment to our soil, for biodiversity and for living in harmony. Today be part of this positive change and together let's build a better world!

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We have various environmental education programs harmonized with the 2030 Agenda, which we customize by social program, company, school or groups of people that require it, with very positive results where, in addition to learning and getting certified, you will have fun.


Find out about our activities every day and get updated with the programs, events, workshops and other activities that we develop. Be part of the active change.

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